About Us

Viswire is a visual simulation technology company,founded to meet the need in the automotive industry for high quality simulations and realistic visualizations.  Focused on quality and efficiency, we deliver distinguished and cost-effective products. With our team of experts, skilled management and a vast network of experienced partners, we aim to be the leading player in the Visual Simulation field.

Vehicle Simulator

The Vehicle Simulator is a self-contained, fully interactive simulator providing real experience in life-like virtual environment with high fidelity.

Viswire offers simulators in collaboration with its customers for optimal & cost-effective solution.Each Vehicle Simulator is delivered, installed and fully tested as a turn-key system including all hardware and software components.

Viswire’s simulator is indigenized with the real vehicle components & characteristics to replicate realism. Itis offered in various configurations:

  • Commercial Vehicle Driver Training Simulator (CV-DTS)
  • Military Vehicle Driver Training Simulator (MV-DTS)
  • Research Driving Simulator (RDS)


Viswire specializes in high quality visual database production and runtime application creating interactive visual 3D worlds optimized for real time simulation in various spectrums. Our solutions include: Detailed database design, Terrain and synthetic environment creation and assets creation. Using state-of-the art tools and techniques, we specialize in synthetic environments for machine learning

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