Content Creation

Viswire specializes in high quality visual database production and runtime application creating interactive visual 3D worlds optimized for real time simulation in various spectrums. Our solutions include: Detailed database design, Terrain and synthetic environment creation and assets creation. Using state-of-the art tools and techniques, we specialize in low polygon modeling and visual effects creation.

The textures for the assets are derived from actual photographs of the vehicle wherever available. Models are created with the greatest realism possible within the constraints imposed by polygon budgets, the availability of source data & the target image generator. The content can have different levels of Level Of Details (LOD) based on the customer needs.

Viswire offers a wide range of visual solutions, which are portable in several formats, depending on the target image generator.

 Virtual Maintenance Trainer Modules

VISWIRE develops Virtual Maintenance Trainer (VMT) modules for complex machinery. The virtual maintenance trainers helps the trainee ramp up very quickly in understanding the intricacies of the system involved. The VMT modules allows the trainee to interact with the system and practice a particular module until the concepts are cleared. They also highlight the purpose and the functionality of the system, giving a detailed background about the system.The VMT modules can run on any platform and are also portable to handheld devices. Some of the salient features of VMT module are:

  • Training without the use of actual system
  • Realistic visuals of the system
  • Option of including voiceover for training instructions
  • 3D animations
    • Cut model views
    • Contents as per maintenance schedules
    • Safety aspects